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FREE Volleyball Skills Clinic

2016-09-13 09:43:13 jhetrick

NFVB is sponsoring a FREE SKILLS CLINIC on October 2 for children in K-6. Download the NFVB Flyer for all of the details.

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St. Mary's Grammar Tournament

2016-09-09 08:38:40 jhetrick

St. Mary’s High School is once again holding a Grammar School Tournament for Varsity teams. The date is Saturday October 15th.

  • Saturday 10/15
  • Pool play begins at 9:00am
  • $60 Registration Fee
  • Concessions available
  • Limited to 12 Teams

For more detailed information, call 683-4824 ext. 235

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2016 Girls Season Kicking Off

2016-09-08 23:34:10 jhetrick

Welcome all Diocesan Girls Volleyball players, families and coaches. We held our coaches meetings today and will be preparing this website for the season now.

Check back within the next 10 days to see the schedules posting as we get them. All matches will have map links so that you can find your away matches as well as complete schedules for all divisions and teams in them.

After each match, the coaches will report results and typically the standings will be updated weekly with more frequency as the season winds down!

Goodluck on a great 2016 season to all teams!

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2016 Co-Ed All Tournament Teams

2016-05-18 23:20:19 jhetrick

2016 Buffalo Diocesan All Tournament Teams
We invited the 2015, Girls Diocesan All Tournament Team to come to receive their individual awards as they did not get them in the fall. So pictured here are all of our Diocesan All Tournament Team athletes. Congratulations to all of the award recipients. Having the girls attend was nice and made this a fine picture as they are smiling wonderfully while our boys stood there kind of stoically! Congratulations to all on their accomplishments.

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NewsFlash !

  • Standings Updated – Incomplete

    Standings Updated – Incomplete

    I have updated the standings but am missing (5) double header reported matches! We need these in by Sunday 5pm please! Only 2 weeks left, so we need to report EVERY NIGHT to keep up …
  • Standings updated 10/8

    Standings updated 10/8

    All except for (4) double-headers have been reported and I will update again Sun. Evening if I can get them all. Thank you all for doing a great job!
  • CTK vs. St. Benedict MOVED to CTK

    CTK vs. St. Benedict MOVED to CTK

    Late change, the match between Christ the King vs. St. Benedicts was moved to Christ the King’s gym due to availability.
  • Updated Schedules Posted

    Updated Schedules Posted

    I just loaded the current schedule with any changes, so you should have accurate schedules that the officials go off of.
  • Standings 2016 – Posted

    Standings 2016 – Posted

    The first look at standings has been posted. We are missing (4) matches total, so if you did not report your home matches, please do by Sunday evening and I will re-post.
  • 2016 Schedules Loaded

    2016 Schedules Loaded

    All 2016 Schedules for Girls Diocesan Volleyball are loaded as of Sunday 9/25. If you made a change in the past 3 days, it may not be here yet. Please click on your school found …