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  • 2018 Diocesan Boys League Begins Play

    2018 Diocesan Boys League Begins Play

    Welcome all. The Boys Diocescan season kicks off on Friday 4/13 for the 2018 season. We will publish the schedule within the next few days and then track the match records here on this website. …
  • Standing Final in Menge and Lombardo

    Standing Final in Menge and Lombardo

    ALL matches have been played and reported in Menge and Lombardo. Stanton has (3) left so check back on Saturday for the final standings for Stanton.
  • Standings Updated – Fri 20th

    Standings Updated – Fri 20th

    All standings are almost perfect now. Missing (4) matches and have reached out to coaches to insure I get them. Goal, perfect standings by Sunday Night! Then you MUST report daily next week!
  • Standings – Missing 6 Matches!

    Standings – Missing 6 Matches!

    We are missing a total of 6 matches to having a perfect standings! I just posted the most recent and I emailed anyone who I need results from. PLEASE respond today! Thank you to all …
  • Updated Standings Posted Today

    Updated Standings Posted Today

    Everything is updated through 10/17, although we have (13) reports missing! Please get these in!
  • Girls Standings Posted – 2017

    Girls Standings Posted – 2017

    The first standings of the year are posted! If you are a coach that did NOT report a home match score, please do so ASAP so that we can have the standings correct. I will …