Rescheduled Matches

This is a complete list of ANY & ALL changes that have been made since 3/17/14 when the original schedule was published.  If you reschedule is not contained here, please contact the administrator ASAP.

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    Congratulations to all of the Girls Diocesan Teams for an outstanding season. The Final Standings are now here for you to see and or download.
  • Girls Standings 99% complete

    Girls Standings 99% complete

    I have posted all reported matches. I’m waiting for (2) scores from each Menge and Lombardo divisions and (1) score correction email to be answered. Otherwise everything is here. Emails have been sent out, so …
  • Girls Standings Updated As of Mon 21st

    Girls Standings Updated As of Mon 21st

    The Standings are updated w/ only 2 match reports missing in BOTH Menge and Lombardo, and 1 missing in Stanton along w/ 1 over-reported. I have emailed all coaches that need to answer to make …
  • First Girls Standings 2019

    First Girls Standings 2019

    The first Standings for the 2019 Girls Volleyball Season have been posted. Coaches should check their email for instructions on how to deal with any incorrect standings. If there are any un-reported matches, those should …
  • Girls 2019 Season Underway – Score Reporting

    Girls 2019 Season Underway – Score Reporting

    GOODLUCK to all of the Girls Diocesan Teams on a great season. I have now emailed everyone a PDF copy of score reporting instructions. If you did not receive it, you may email me at …
  • FINAL Boys Standings 2019

    FINAL Boys Standings 2019

    We have now posted the final league standings for 2019. We will see everyone at the Diocesan Tournament on Wednesday, 5/22.